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Saturday, December 8, 2007

Manduriao Church

Manduraio is one of Iloilo City's booming commercial and residential centers. Like the other districts of the city, Manduriao was once a seperate town. In the olden days, Manduriao as a town, thrived with it's agricultural and salt making industry.
The Manduriao church might not be as historic as the other churches of the city but it is worth a visit. It is located in front of the town plaza and was probably built in the 19th century. Built to complement Iloilo's old world distinction, the exterior is somewhat a combination of modern and classical architecture and the idea of having twin belfries could have been possibly inspired by the usual Hispanic Era Churches in the region.


LAWSTUDE said...

Another nice shot. Thanx for sharing.

Jack said...

Remodeled in the 90's through Msrg. Montiague's savings and effort. Who incidentally was my Latin Professor.