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Monday, April 30, 2007

Santa Anna Church: Iloilo's Finest Gothic Church

It seems that Gothic architecture is very rare in the Philippine archipelago. In Iloilo, we have a number of Gothic structures varrying from ancestral mansions, colonial era commercial buildings, schools and churches. The most popular amongst these attractions is the Gothic Renaissance Church Molo dedicated to Santa Anna.Aside from being a Beautiful Edifice, the church is very historical since the Country's National Hero, Dr. Jose Rizal once visited the church just to admire its Biblical-inspired beauty. It is noticeable that the church regards womanhood since female saints dominate the aisles heading to the altar. Exteriorly, the church is of Romanesque and Gothic architecture. The first and second level is decorated by tuscan and corinthian pilasters with roman windows decorated by geometric designs. The third level of the church is finely gothic in style proven by spirelets and gothic arch-niches and windows. Ineteriorly, the church is Romanesque but few elements of gothic architecture lifts its submissive features. Five wooden retablos are designed in Gothic architecture which gives the church a domination of Gothic- reniassance artistry.

Why I Love Molo Church? The spires of St. Anne church never failed to astonish me. It's grandeur is like no other and it's colonial environment complements its splendid millieu. The relaxing ambiance of the districts square burgeoned by enchanting trees gives the setting a classic medieval touch worth seeing.

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