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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Colonial Heritage of Molo

Molo, once a thriving colonial district in the coast of Iloilo City, is often referred as the 'Athens of the Region' for it is the hometown of many political leaders in our country. Molo holds a rich heritage that will interest tourist and travelers like for instance, the magnificent Molo Church, known to many as the church of women.
However, If you're in Molo, it is advisible that you visit the town's heritage street that is Calle San Pedro where one of the historical Locsin mansions can be found. One of the heritage houses which dates back from the early 1800's was said to have housed the builders of the famous gothic church of the town.
The Pison house, another Spanish Era brick mansion, which is located in the same street can be remembered as one of the settings of an episode of "Maala-ala Mo kaya", a famous television show in the Philippines.
San Pedro Street in the heart of Molo is an interesting place to visit for traveling photographers who would want to capture what Iloilo City would have looked like centuries ago.