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Friday, November 26, 2010

The Jaro Metropolitan Cathedral's restored elegance

When one speaks of a town called Jaro, known in the hispanic era as Xaro, he might as well mention of magnificent mansions and of Hispanic ancestral stone houses, of a beautiful 19th century belltower and of a religious Catholic fiesta that would last for more than a month or two. Yes! Jaro is indeed Iloilo City’s very own folklore town.
But if Jaro is known for one thing aside from its antiques, then it would be the Metropolitan Cathedral which is also the highest seat of Roman Catholicism in the Region. The Cathedral of Candelaria-which it is fondly called by the townspeople- is known as largest house worship in the entire province.The walls are built of white and cream colored fossil rock and coral stones. It’s exterior is baroque in its simplest form though recent additions to the 19th century structure include some neogothic and neoclassic elements. The terrace before the facade holds the miraculous Virgin of Candelaria that is believed to have outgrown its former niche. The archwindows are wide and tall and there is a minimal usage of rose windows, unlike its neighboring churches. The main entrance is flanked by flights of stairs leading to the miraculous Virgin's terrace where Pope John Paul II stood and faced hundreds or perhaps thousands of devotees from all over the region, when he visited the Philippines in 1981.
Though war and calamities took away the cathedral’s once magnificent beauty, it is currently being restored at least to bring back its former glory as an icon of art and architecture. The interior, once critiqued by many, is now amongst the most beautiful in the country. The paintings on its vaulted ceiling would remind you of artistically decorated churches in latin america and Spain and its baroque retablos are definitely the most well decorated just like the ones at the Feminist Neogothic church of Santa Ana in Molo.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Magic of Antique

Serene, Quiet and Peaceful. the homely atmosphere of Antique Province always shares a certain oneness with that of Iloilo. Though these two provinces are separated by the great northern mountains, their very culture are very similar in almost every sense.

Antique is known for it's historical centres like Hamtic and its magnificent beaches. It is a home of the great Ilonggo History. The birthplace of one of the most popular Ilonggo Epics. Tourists will adore Antique's great mountains where adventures quietly await thrillseekers while it's outlying islands are for those who are searching for peace and serenity. Antique is indeed a province of wonders, just like Iloilo, it's a place one tourist must visit and unravel!