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Monday, December 17, 2007

The Castle Hotel

A Mansion for a Hotel? Yes.
The Castle Hotel located in Bonifacio Drive isn't just a beautiful old house. Restored to the nines it is a perfect place to stay as it exudes an old world vibrance as manifested by its Medieval inspired architecture. Each room is well furnished, air conditioned and equipped with facilities of comfort, warmth, and privacy.

It is located near the Provincial Capitol, The Atrium Mall, The Gaisano City Mall and the Days Hotel. For more information and for reservation please contact Tel No: (033) 338-1021/338-3280/338-3281 or Fax No: 338-1021.

So why should tourist stay in the Castle Hotel? Well, I guess one of the reasons is that it is situated in one of the most accessible places in the city and the best part is that it is just a few steps away from one of the Major routes of Dinagyang Festival's 'Ati' street dancing. Indulge yourself with the best that the Castle Hotel can offer and you'll realize it's not just the outside that's pretty about this historical destination.


Anonymous said...

Im looking for a place to stay on June 10-19. I was gone for 6 years. I think there have been so many changes in Iloilo city for the past 6 years. Where is this hotel close to? Is it in front of atrium or days hotel?
here is my email: lpredd2@yahoo.com

thyme said...

Impressive buildings, very nice pictures!