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Monday, November 26, 2007

The Ornate Guimbal Church

San Nicholas of Tolentino Church in Guimbal is one of the most ornate churches found in Iloilo. Many Baroque churches in the Philippines emphasize massiveness, hugeness and sturdiness but Guimbal Church is different, here, art is given more attention. The edifice is an explosion of ornate designs combining Oriental and European art. Twinned Corinthian pillars, ornamental rosettes of Asiatic styles, Moorish spires and classic finials are the most imposing facets of the facade.
The church has been reconstructed many times after calamities and war tested the strength of its stone walls. It has been enlarged and restored so well that it appeared to have never been tainted by time. The tall belfry was recently reconstructed years after the original one was destroyed. The new belfry which is possibly of West Asian influence is so large that it gave the entire structure a fortress like appearance.

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