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Friday, May 22, 2009

Janiuay Cemetery and the Arches of Heavenly Splendor

One of Iloilo’s most picturesque places was once included in the famed pages of National Geographic, this is the beautiful cemetery of Janiuay, the most artistic Spanish Colonial cemetery in the entire Philippines. Janiuay Cemetery is a beautiful example of Neogothic architecture. Tourist will be intrigued and awed by the architecture of this historical destination since the entire structure is perched on a hill and is approached by a grand flight of stairs that is not a very common arrangement for a cemetery. The main arch-gate has a pointed arc decorated by a cluster of ionic poles and simple rosettes. Two other arches flank the main arch-gate, however, the arcs of these gates are Tudor in style and are more ornate compared to the central gate. On the heart of the cemetery lies a Neo-gothic chapel. The windows of this chapel are amongst the most artistic renditions of Gothic Geometric style found in all of Iloilo.
The cemetery of Janiuay is amongst the country's greatest architectural achievements. It is a unique tourist destination because it showcases the artistry of Iloilo's golden era of colonial art.


JM said...

Great entrance! Would love to visit the place.

paul said...

nice...i like the angle..

the donG said...

next to churches, the cemeteries will be my next target when i go to iloilo. ive seen a lot of it being featured.

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