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Sunday, September 23, 2007

The old world charm of Calle Real

Welcome to Calle Real more popularly known in the 'modern world' as the JM Basa Street. This street is probably the oldest and busiest commercial district in the city. Before there were malls, Calle Real was said to be the city's shopping haven and it had been a commercial center since the Spanish Colonial Era. During the late Spanish Era and the Early American Occupation, Spanish was said to be the medium language used in this part of the city. The Old world charm of Iloilo is still preserved in these old buildings, but it seems that many of these heritage treasures are not very well maintained. Calle Real as envisioned by many critics as 'the next Macau' (if only everything will be restored perfectly), is worthy to be called a 'Historical Landmark', that if, every Ilonggo will participate and help preserve the old edifices that has been painting JM Basa Street with vintage colors.
Let us move now! I know it is easier said than done, but let us not wait for these structures to dilapidate and fall a part before we act and save them.