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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Tienda Antigua: History For Sale

What's a historical city without an antique shop?
Tienda Antigua on the corner of Benedicto Street, Jaro, might offer you interesting finds like, furnitures, lamps, religious art sculptures and more. The name itself, "Tienda Antigua" is a Spanish translation of "Antique Shop". There are artifacts inspired by Biblical and Religious Characters. Others have oriental features, like for instance, a Chinese Medicine Safe or an old Chinese vase. Furnitures of classical styles preserved or restored are also available inside.It is not a rarity to find old wooden saints possibly of the golden years of Spanish Religious Art in the Philippines. There are also stone sculptures similar to those carved on stone churches and houses typical of the region.
For antique dealers, Tienda Antigua is a haven of good deals perfect for a souvenir or a fine living room art piece. It is a one -of-a-kind store that doesn't just sell anything pleasing to the eyes but things that have survived ages and generations, ornaments that aren't just there to amaze but rather tell stories old families, people, and events in a time frame that was forgotten by this constantly changing world. Tienda Antigua doesn't just sell anything usual like any store does... They sell History.

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