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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Christmas Around the World

This post is quite late for Christmas but when you're in the Philippines , Christmas season is longer than the usual, thus, this Christmas post ain't very late at all.
The Robinson's Place, probably one of the top shopping destinations in the city shared a different twist of Christmas Decorations. Move the Christmas Lanterns and welcome the colorful icons of popular cities around the world.
The Eiffel Tower of Paris , The Sydney Opera House, The Leaning Tower of Pisa, New York's Statue of Liberty, Roman Colosseum, Russia's Saint Basil's Cathedral and more wonders merged in one setting to showcase Christmas as the world sees it.
Wherever you may be, may it be in the Philippines or somewhere out there on the other side of the globe. The real meaning of Christmas isn't just about presents, Santa Claus or Noche Buena. Christmas is all about the birth of our Jesus Christ.

Friday, December 28, 2007

The Promenade

It was not really intentional but my friend said it would be nice for us to eat at the 'Promenade', a restaurant in Days Hotel. What I like about the restaurant is that it has a very nice view of the provincial capitol and of course, the food was 'perfecto'. The price was definitely reasonable and you will surely love and savor the food that will be served before you.
The food is great, the ambiance is warm, the view is magnificent... what else would a hungry traveler wish for? It was indeed unintentional for us to drop by at the Promenade, but for sure, we will hop in again for this fine restaurant defines the word 'Splendid'!

Friday, December 21, 2007

Molo Plaza

A friend once said that the trees in Molo Plaza is definitely enchanting in a way that they look mysterious and aged. Branches, curving into indefinite shapes, add up a fairy-tale-like essence to the real picture. With The Famous St. Anne Church as a background, Molo Plaza is indeed a haven of Photographers and tourists.In most pictures St. Anne Church is always accompanied by the neoclassic Gazebo which is in the center of the square. Though many tall trees dominate the Plaza, they cannot outgrow the majestic twin spires of St. Anne.
Molo is considered as the Athens of the Philippines, since it produced many Political leaders of the country. It is the home of many old houses, may it be a grandiose mansion or a quiet Bahay na Bato. One of the oldest bakeries in the country is also located near the Plaza.

Monday, December 17, 2007

The Castle Hotel

A Mansion for a Hotel? Yes.
The Castle Hotel located in Bonifacio Drive isn't just a beautiful old house. Restored to the nines it is a perfect place to stay as it exudes an old world vibrance as manifested by its Medieval inspired architecture. Each room is well furnished, air conditioned and equipped with facilities of comfort, warmth, and privacy.

It is located near the Provincial Capitol, The Atrium Mall, The Gaisano City Mall and the Days Hotel. For more information and for reservation please contact Tel No: (033) 338-1021/338-3280/338-3281 or Fax No: 338-1021.

So why should tourist stay in the Castle Hotel? Well, I guess one of the reasons is that it is situated in one of the most accessible places in the city and the best part is that it is just a few steps away from one of the Major routes of Dinagyang Festival's 'Ati' street dancing. Indulge yourself with the best that the Castle Hotel can offer and you'll realize it's not just the outside that's pretty about this historical destination.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

The Jaro Belfry

The Jaro Cathedral is one of the few churches in the Philippines with a Bell tower not attached to the church itself. The belfry which was built a few meters in front of the cathedral also functioned as a clock tower. It was primarily built of Brick overlain with fossil stones in Neoclassic Architecture.
The Jaro Belfry remained an astonishing sight in the City of Iloilo years thereafter. It captured the eyes of onlooker, travelers, and photographers of the 19th century. In 1948, a great earthquake destroyed the belfry leaving only the base intact. It was then rebuilt but in a remodeled sense that the new structure was given less Neoclassic details. Unused for years, the belltower remained an icon and a marker of a great Religious Era.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Tienda Antigua: History For Sale

What's a historical city without an antique shop?
Tienda Antigua on the corner of Benedicto Street, Jaro, might offer you interesting finds like, furnitures, lamps, religious art sculptures and more. The name itself, "Tienda Antigua" is a Spanish translation of "Antique Shop". There are artifacts inspired by Biblical and Religious Characters. Others have oriental features, like for instance, a Chinese Medicine Safe or an old Chinese vase. Furnitures of classical styles preserved or restored are also available inside.It is not a rarity to find old wooden saints possibly of the golden years of Spanish Religious Art in the Philippines. There are also stone sculptures similar to those carved on stone churches and houses typical of the region.
For antique dealers, Tienda Antigua is a haven of good deals perfect for a souvenir or a fine living room art piece. It is a one -of-a-kind store that doesn't just sell anything pleasing to the eyes but things that have survived ages and generations, ornaments that aren't just there to amaze but rather tell stories old families, people, and events in a time frame that was forgotten by this constantly changing world. Tienda Antigua doesn't just sell anything usual like any store does... They sell History.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Fortresses of Guimbal

In the olden days, the coastal village of Guimbal was occasionally raided by Moro pirates from the Southern Islands. Three watchtowers were built near the shores to help warn the people if the Moros were approaching. These watchtowers are called 'Bantayan', an Ilonggo word which literally means a "Place to Watch". Until these days the Bantayan towers are still standing in their posts not as watchtowers against the invaders but as icons of a historic town.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Manduriao Church

Manduraio is one of Iloilo City's booming commercial and residential centers. Like the other districts of the city, Manduriao was once a seperate town. In the olden days, Manduriao as a town, thrived with it's agricultural and salt making industry.
The Manduriao church might not be as historic as the other churches of the city but it is worth a visit. It is located in front of the town plaza and was probably built in the 19th century. Built to complement Iloilo's old world distinction, the exterior is somewhat a combination of modern and classical architecture and the idea of having twin belfries could have been possibly inspired by the usual Hispanic Era Churches in the region.