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Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Beautiful Iloilo River: The very Life-vein of the City

Named after its peculiar nose-like shape or 'Ilong', the river of Iloilo is one of the most important rivers there is in the country not only for the fact that it runs through the heart of Iloilo City itself but for it also hosts one of the most busiest ports in the Philippines; El Puerto de Muelle Loney.

Before the Spaniards came in the Island, the marshland surrounding the river of Iloilo has been known as a rich trading settlement between local and foreign merchants. Here, traders from China, India and other countries flock to exchange goods with the locals. This is the very reason why the Spaniards built a port in the mouth of the river which will serve as a gateway between Panay and its neighboring islands. In 1855, El Puerto de Muelle Loney, one of the first international sea ports in the country was opened and spurred the economy of the city making it the second most richest city after Manila.

Today Iloilo River serves as a major tourist attraction. The river bank is home to 22 species out of the countries 35 known species of Mangrove trees. Hotels such as Hotel del Rio, The Castle Hotel, River Queen Hotel and Sarabia Manor are located facing Iloilo River as well. Aside from that Marina, Barbeque Village, Tijuana and many more famous Ilonggo restaurants runs along the riverside and so as the famous Iloilo River Boulevard which is Iloilo's version of Dumaguete's Rizal Boulevard and Manila Bay.