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WELCOME to Iloilo, A Province that dances with the rhythm of the past and the promise of the future. HALA BIRA!!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The People's Park in La Paz

Looking for a place teeming with activities? If the weekend brings boredom, why not visit The freedom park at La paz? It is perhaps the busiest park there is in the city. The park is considered the widest public leisure park in Iloilo City. It can host sports events like soccer and badminton.
If you want to have a good afternoon stroll, you might want to look at the cool scene of the man-made lagoon at the left corner of the park; play some ball games with friends in the nearby courts or have a good excercise to stay fit and healthy.

Monday, October 6, 2008

The Artistic Lapaz Church

There are three notable Red brick structures in the province of Iloilo; the historical San Jose Church, the gargantuan Cabatuan Church and the Lapaz Church. These three churches are very similar in the fact that all of them have twin domed belfries and neoclassic facades. The Lapaz Church however is more on Greek inspired architecture which makes it artistic in its very own way.
It's construction was initiated during the late nineteenth century. Compared to San Jose and Cabatuan churches, The one in Lapaz has the most decorated facade. The Domes of the belfry are also very interesting because they resemble slight Russo-Byzantine styles, a pleasing deviation from the usual onion or bell shaped domes.
Amongst the many churches of Iloilo, this one in Lapaz, may not be as popular but surely, it is one sight that is equally pleasing to the eyes, a fine structure that showcases fine Ilonggo artistry.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Elegant Locsin Mansion

Jaro is known for its numerous collections of Heritage Buildings from the 18th and the 19th centuries. Jaro was once the center of Hispanic rule in the the Province of Iloilo. It was where wealthy Ilonggos lived and built Mansions of Elegance and Prestige. One of the most photographed mansions in Jaro is the Locsin House which peacefully lies just outside the Metropolitan Cathedral. The Mansion is like any typical Hispanio-Filipino Colonial House... simple yet elegant. With continuous restoration and preservation, the mansion remained as one of the most attractive sights in the town of Jaro.
Tuscanic Pilasters flank the three entrance doors which are of varied architectural styles and a continuous Capiz-shell window dominated the upper level. The interior is reinforced by stained glasses, antique furnitures and wares that provides a timeless and classic atmosphere.