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Monday, October 19, 2009

Krystalville Inland Resort at Janiuay

Ilonggos, like most filipinos, love celebrating special occasions at beaches, restaurants or inland resorts where they could have fun at pools or simply socialize with other people. However, to those who want to spend a relaxing day out all by themselves or with the company of their closest friends then why not travel up the town of Janiuay in the central part of the province, to a resort called 'Krystalville', which is simply 10-15 minutes away from the town itself. With a fully furnished bean-shaped pool, some well built thatched sheds where visitors could gather up and have their meals, and a social gathering area where friends can enjoy a good karaoke experience, tourists will simply have fun making good memories that they'll surely never forget.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Iloilo Paintings for Donations

Iloilo on Foot us currently looking for donors and advertisers who are supportive of the cause to promote Iloilo as one of the Philippines' best tourism destinations. To help promote Iloilo to the world, the webmaster encourages Ilonggos, Filipinos and other avid readers of this blog to help by donating.
BUT WAIT! There's a twist!
For every $50 or P2500 Donation, the management will send back a painting of Iloilo (since the webmaster is a well trained visual artist and painter as well) as a thanksgiving. The donor may also request what theme or subject of the painting he would love to recieve. The bigger the Donation, the bigger the painting. Your donations will help Iloilo Onfoot be on track and updated and so your donations, in exchange for a painting as a thanksgiving souvenir will remind you that you have been a vital part of this travel program.

If you are interested, leave a comment to this post or send an email at pacificleopard@yahoo.com...

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Explore Iloilo On The Philippine Blog Awards '09

Explore Iloilo, the premier travel blog of Iloilo, is on it's way to the Philippine Blog Awards '09, an anual award giving body recognizing Filipino bloggers arround the world. Explore Iloilo has done so much in promoting Iloilo as travel destination and for such I will vote the blog for the category: "Blogger's Choice" special award. The manager and owner of Explore Iloilo is my good friend, Mr. Marcos Caratao Jr., who is also a known travel photographer in the entire province. He has worked well to promote Iloilo and blogging to Ilonggos. In fact, I believe that he is amongst the most successful Ilonggo bloggers in the country.
So if you're a blogger and if you're asking why vote ExploreIloilo, then go visit Explore Iloilo yourself and be captivated for this one travel blog showcases the artistic talents of one great blogger that has inspired Ilonggos to fly out into the blogosphere.
Vamos Marcos!!!
Vamos Explore Iloilo!!!