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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Buenavista, Guimaras: On the Other Side

Guimaras is known as the most accessible white sand beach tourist destination from Iloilo City. The island -province is famous for its serene cliff side beaches and for its sweet mangoes (said to be the sweetest in the country).

Though most tourists would agree that the white sand beaches of Nueva Valencia are pretty much like that of Boracay, not so many are familiar with the beaches in the district of Buenavista. The sand on the beaches on these parts of the island is distinctive for its unique color, creamy and almost pinkish when soaked. The town is also known for the 7 Sister Islands, locally known as 'Siete Picados'. Legends say that these islands were once beautiful sisters who ran away from home and drowned in the sea. On the village of Navalas lies, a small church (The Navalas Church) that was built in during the late years of the Spanish Colonial Era. It appears to be like a miniature version of the grand white stone Cathedral of Candelaria in the district of Jaro.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Paraw Regatta: The Colors of The Sea

Paraw Regatta is one of Iloilo city's most popular tourism events along with Dinagyang, Kasadyahan and the Iloilo Chinese New Year. Every February, the festival would lighten up the beaches of Villa Arevalo with colorful 'paraws' or wind blown sailboats, Mardi Gras inspired street performances, beach sports and so much more.Local tourists from all over the city would gather to witness the  spectacular  sailboat race from Villa beach to Guimaras and of course, the Samba Regatta where ladies in their festive costumes would dance in the tune of Latin American music.

Paraw Regatta started out a simple boat racing competition, during its earlier years, the sailboats weren't as artistic and as colorful as the ones we see today. Mardi Gras, Beach Sports and other activities were just recent additions. The festival does not only showcase fun, music and colors but it also emanate a part of our diverse culture.