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Friday, December 28, 2007

The Promenade

It was not really intentional but my friend said it would be nice for us to eat at the 'Promenade', a restaurant in Days Hotel. What I like about the restaurant is that it has a very nice view of the provincial capitol and of course, the food was 'perfecto'. The price was definitely reasonable and you will surely love and savor the food that will be served before you.
The food is great, the ambiance is warm, the view is magnificent... what else would a hungry traveler wish for? It was indeed unintentional for us to drop by at the Promenade, but for sure, we will hop in again for this fine restaurant defines the word 'Splendid'!

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Lee said...

Hey GC, I did food marathon in Iloilo last December with Marcos and Jorp (Whyte), partly with Rex. We almost "attacked" major restos there, especially sa Smallville! Ining Promenade wa-ay ma-mention sa akon ni Jorp. Maybe next year pagpuli ko we'll "attack" this place upod ka! I did Ilonggo/Pinoy foods last time, so it will be international on my next trip. It will be fun!!! Pasensya ka na, GC, foodie ako abi...heehe!