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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Cabatuan Church: Grandiose Elegance

Cabatuan church was built in 1734, a year after the town was established. The church was then built of light materials and the deficient source of stone quaries caused the delay of the construction of a larger temple. A hundred years later, Fr. Ramon Alquizar was assigned in Cabatuan as a parochial priest. He initiated the construction of a larger house of worship through baked bricks. Fr. Ramon Alquizar was the first one who introduced brick manufacturing in the province during the olden days, and his work of art, a masterpiece of varied architecture is our very own Cabatuan Church, or more commonly known as the church of San Nicolas de Tolentino. This church isn't just the first church to built of red bricks in the region, but it is the largest red brick structure in the Visayas as well. The later priest who undergone the finishing touches did fine work of transforming the church from a simple worship shrine to a grand basilica-like temple, thus the media reffered the church as 'the model of temples' since it was a mirror a majestic basilica inside and out. The church's structural architecture is similar with Latin American churches like that of Cuzco Cathedral in Peru and the church in Puebla, Mexico; however the design used on Facades are derived from Tuscanic architecture which is common in Southern Europe. Interiorly, the church is given a baroquial drift but still flowing with the balance of neoclacissm.


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