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Monday, December 7, 2009

Heritage Houses of Arevalo

Arevalo is known as Iloilo city's garden district and the province's flower capital. It's old Spanish name was 'Villa Rica de Arevalo' which means that it is amongst the most important Hispanic settlements in the country. Here also lies the third oldest Sto. NiƱo in the Philippines, one of the city's oldest traditional weaving centres and many of the city's last well preserved colonial houses.
These colonial houses are fine examples of a typical hispanic house or 'Bahay na Bato' wherein the lower half is built of hewn stone or baked bricks while the upper part is built of strong wood.
A trip to Arevalo will not only make you adore it's flower filled streets or it's notable seaside restaurants but in some way, it will make you realize that a 'Once a upon a time' drama did exist along it's peaceful and historic streets like the rest of the city themselves.