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Saturday, January 5, 2008

The Ruins of Leon Church

The Church St. Catherine of Alexandria in the town of Leon was planned to become the largest temple in Panay Island. It is a three nave church of Byzantine architecture which is built of limestones possibly quarried from the nearby mountains.
The facade of Leon church is decorated by doors and windows with multi layered arches, typical of a byzantine and Romanesque structure. Two angels guarding an Augustinian symbol of the transfixed heart, possibly inspired by the Spanish Coat of Arms, is carved on the triangular pediment.
The church was never finished and some parts remained in Ruins. The apse, with few 'retablos' left unfinished have neoclassic elements with intricate Corinthian carvings. Though unfinished, the essence of its massiveness can still be seen through the facade and its capacious interior.


Getty72 said...

My goodness, you take the most breathtaking photographs. Your blog really captures the magic of so many wonderful places. It is a great pleasure to take the journey through each one of your posts. I will definitely be back to visit more. Kindest regards, Graham :)

Carl said...

nice post. The church has a nice architecture. your photographs are so cool..