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Thursday, January 3, 2008

A Mansion in Calle Mabini

A tour of Iloilo will definitely showcase a calvacade of majestic churches and grandiose mansions. But what makes these houses more than the usual? Why are they priced so much even if they look aged and worn out? Well, for an old world province like Iloilo, antiques are considered priceless.
A number of mansions possibly built before or in the early 1900's are scattered all over the city and the province. these are remnants of a colonial past, of a city that is loyal to the Spanish Crown.There is a hidden treasure along Mabini Street in the city. There lies a medieval inspired mansion that has a 'castle-like' appearance. The Classical wholeness of the mansion is reimposed by the renaissance arch windows and the lofty terrace of Neoclassic artistry. Like a medieval castle, battlements are used to crown the walls of the house, thus, giving it a more massive appearance. A closer look and one can see the fine details like tiny rosettes and carved faces used to decorate the window frame. Though worn by time, the mansion still exudes a life in monochrome. Indeed, it is vintage and being one makes it very special.


Al said...

reminds me of old houses in horror films... nice shot! it does look like a castle from the middle ages.

patis said...

nice shots, really an iloilo treasure, how much does it cost anyway, will it fetch something like 50 million? where is the nearest lotto outlet around here? i want to buy this gem ;-)

Earvin said...

Palagi ko tong dinadaan nung elementary ako. Ehehehe.

Jack said...

This is owned by either the Lopez-Vito's or Ledesma's. I'm not so sure. I lived half a block away from there.