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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Dinagyang "can you hear the drums?"

It is January and it means that after a few more naps, it'll be DINAGYANG! The very festival which is noted to be the Best Tourism Event in the country. Dinagyang aims to strengthen it's renowned reputation and make more people caught in amazement.
The opening salvo, a 'teaser' or perhaps an 'appetizer' of the real event, will be witnessed on January 18. The 'Ati contest' is scheduled on January 27 which is followed by the awarding ceremony.
Before the 'Ati Contest', a tribal battle of dance and music will be experienced at the Kasadyahan, a similar competition of tribes from the different parts of Panay Island. The entire event will then be finalized by a thanksgiving ceremony at the San Jose Parish Church.


Becky said...

Came across the link on facebook, I think. I love your blog and pics! It's very colorful and culture-rich. Keep up the good work :)

iloilo onfoot said...

thank you very much