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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Lambunao Church

The town of Lambunao is said to be Iloilo's little Bagiuo since it is located in the highlands approaching the mountainous north. It is known as the haven of majestic waterfalls and the mysterious lake "Tinagong Dagat". However, the town is also known for a beautiful 18th century Spanish Colonial Era Church that looks more like it was built of chocolate and caramel rather than limestones. With ornate decorations such as intricate finials, balusters, and massive ionic columns, a light baroque essence grows out of the Neoclassic wholeness of the structure. It was completely finished in 1890 and appeared just like a colonial church in Latin America. In the 1900's the church suffered heavily from the second world war and the 1948 earthquake.
With belfries towering in front of the town plaza, St. Nicholas de Tolentino church is a beautiful structure that can make onlookers appreciate the beauty of classical architecture. It is a priceless heritage that must be preserved and restored.

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