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Friday, November 2, 2007

The Laguda Mansion Ruins

General Hughes St. in Downtown, Iloilo City was once the city's Elite Avenue,where the rich and the famous once had their seaside villas. Though many mansions still existed, few did not to survive the tests of time; many were abandoned and some were completely devastated.
The Laguda House, a beautiful neoclassic mansion was a beautiful edifice before the spark of the second world war. However, like Fort San Pedro, it was bombed and later left in ruins. Lost Memories and Forgotten treasures still haunt the very walls of this old mansion. Astonishing and Mysterious, the beauty of the mansion is still extant that even if it is left in ruins, it never fails to struck passersby with awe.

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LedJ said...

hi, i wonder if the Laguda Mansion along Gen. Hudges, had been declared a Heritage Site or Cultural Propety?