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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

San Joaquin Church: A Gem of History

Observing the facade of San Joaquin Church, a traveler might find it interesting like the other baroque churches found in Iloilo's Southwestern coastal towns. Like Miagao and Tigbauan, the facade of San Joaquin Church is burgeoned with decorative designs that either depict the beauty of Christian Art or abstract stories with faith driven meanings. The Bas Relief carved in the pediment of San Joaquin Church, known as the 'Rendicion Tetuan', is not just a mere ornament but a carved illustration that tells the story about the victory of the Christians against the Moors in Morroco.
The style used in this edifice is so oriental that even the saints settling in their rosette framed niches look very Chinese, so as the warriors and their horses carved in the pediment.
The carved mural on the pediment isn't the sole reason why this shrine is called a 'gem' the fact that it is dedicated to the Most Holy Name of Jesus Christ, makes it a very important structure in the world of Christianity.

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