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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Blue Jay Coffee: A Premier Cafe in the Heart of Iloilo City

They say that a cup of warm coffee in the morning can liven you up for the entire day and a dose of caffeine in the afternoon can take away all the stress that's tiring you out. No matter which time of the day you prefer to have a cup of espresso or macchiato, it's always perfect when you're in a relaxing place where there's nothing else to stir you senses but the smell of brewed coffee and the sweet taste of chocolate cakes.

Bluejay Cofee is an established cafe that has been quite popular to coffee enthusiasts for the past few years. It is not only known for its delicious blends of coffees but its menu offers a variety of delicacies from sweets to pizzas, pastas, steaks and sausages and other meals making it not only a good place to unwind but a haven for food lovers as well. It is both classy and down-to-earth which makes it very 'Ilonggo' in every sense. There are two branches that can be found in premier locations in the city. The Iznart branch at Amigo Mall and the Ayala Technohub Branch at Smallville.

One thing I love about BlueJay is the ambiance of their cafes. Being an artist myself, the use of contemporary art is something that takes me to a different world, perhaps a different era. It is both relaxing and soulspriring which makes it a perfect hideaway from the city's hustle and bustle.

For reservations visit: BlueJay Coffee Reservations

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