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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Calle Real: Downtown Iloilo's Heritage Street

In the olden days, before malls and other shopping centres were established in the city of Iloilo, there thrived Calle Real, what is now known as the downtown heritage street. Being strategically located in an area adjacent to one of the country's most busiest waterfronts, Calle Real became one of the most important trading communities in the region. In fact, the National Hero, Dr. Jose Rizal had once admired the life that bloomed in these streets during the late colonial reign. Who wouldn't? It's beautiful old world charm eludes a classic atmosphere quite similar with that of Macau's Portuguese district. In fact it is only in this certain part of the city where one can find the most intact collection of Heritage Buildings in the entire province.

Though modernization has taken its toll on these beautiful treasures, many organizations had been working hand and hand with government to revive what was once the glory of the old Queen City. Today,  tourists and locals alike will appreciate the efforts of those who had worked hard in restoring the beautiful buildings of Calle Real. Now, what had been a forgotten piece of the city is slowly taking in a new breath of life and though the street is still as busy as it had been, one will truly feel that once a upon a time, there was a strange and beautiful world that existed in this very place and that it was more magical than anyone of us could ever imagine.

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