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Friday, November 29, 2013

Isla Naburot: A Perfect hideaway in the enchanted island of Guimaras

I have been in the island-province of Guimaras so many times before but I never really got tired of its rustic charm that can make you forget the trivial problems of the modern world. Thing is, the island itself is a tapestry of nature at its finest that every corner seems to have been created by God with a spell of charm and a sprinkle of enchantment. It might not be Palawan or Boracay but it is one of the most convenient beach destinations there is in the region since it's just a boat ride away from Iloilo City, which is one of the most important gateway cities in the Philippines.

Most of us have heard of Alubihod, Guisi and El Retiro beaches which are amongst the popular tourist destinations in Gumaras but there are also a few places which are also worth visiting. For instance, one of my favorite resorts which lies in a hidden cove somewhere in the island is 'Isla Naburot'. This beautiful family owned resort is only accessible by motorboat and prides itself for being a real island hideaway. The island is mainly solar powered but still provides basic amenities that every tourist would be needing. It's discreet location is perfect for intimate occasions and for vacation goers who wish to escape the hustle and bustle their city lives. 

One of the features of Isla Naburot which has enchanted is the ruins of an old ancestral house that lies on top of a huge rock overlooking the sea. It stands as a welcome sign that tells everyone that they have indeed reached the resort. Though abandoned, the house seems to be carrying an flair of enchantment and memories of colorful past. The downhill path from the house leads to the very cove where most of the main buildings and cottages are located. There is also a small white sand beach that lies before a coral reef diving spot.

Food and lodging may not be as cheap as the other more popular resorts but it's totally worth it. See, it's not the ordinary beach you see anywhere. There's just something a little special about it and that's what makes Isla Naburot a must-see when you're in Guimaras.

For Reservations, you can call : 0918 909 8500  


Dane said...

Guimaras is indeed a very nice place to stay. The green environment and the peaceful ambiance of many must-be tourist spots are really interesting. It is a good place to stay when you want a peace of mind, just go on a vacation, or relieve yourself from stress.

Dane @ Iloilo Business Driectory

Breachelle said...

There's another beauty in Guimaras called Guisi/Gisi beach. Some 6 years ago, only a few people will want to visit that beach but I heard that it's become one of the go-to beaches these days. I wonder how the natural serenity of Guisi has evolved too.

Nice feature on Isla Naburot and some beautiful spots in Iloilo. I have always regarded the place as a second home. ^_^

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