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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Pamul-ogan Hill, a Historical Shrine of Faith

Ash Wednesday is believed to be the start of the Lent Season and when we talk about the Lent Season, we open ourselves into the world of Catholic traditions, Procesions, Pilgrim Shrines, Visita Iglesia and more...

One of the most historical pilgrim sites in Iloilo is the Pamul-ogan Hill Shrine in Cabatuan, where History clashes with Religion. According to early documents, the discovery of Cabatuan in the heart of the province was initiated when a Molave Cross was planted on the highest peak of the locale. A year after the cross was planted, a town was established in the northern bank of Tigum river near the foot of the hill.On its base lies the only remnant of the original wooden cross where year 1732 was inscribed. The shrine over looks the panoramic view of Cabatuan and its Neoclassic Church of bricks and limestones; on the other side of the hill, one may notice the New Iloilo Airport towering over the southwestern plains of Cabatuan.
Preserved in clandestine by nature, Pamul-ogan cross lies silently on the summit of the hill awaiting to be awaken in the midst of the Lent. The procesion towards the Hill starts in the mouth of Barangay Pamul-ogan in Cabatuan.

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