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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Pavia Church: Iloilo's Italian inspired Church

From Sta. Barbara or going to Sta. Barbara, one might pass Pavia, Western Visayas' Agro-Industrial centre which is the smallest municipality in the Province. It lies adjacent to Jaro and San Miguel and is oen of the most vital town's which plays a big role in Iloilo developing economy.
Pavia was established with regards to an Italian City also named Pavia. The church of Pavia, here in Iloilo was designed similarly with the Romanesque Basilica of Pavia, Italy.
Pavia Church in honor of Sta. Monica is Iloilo's only redstone church which means that it was built of no ordinary bricks. Byzantine Architecture dominates the wall ornaments and the central structure of the church. The multi-layered arch windows are built of white coral stones and so as the pillared arch-entrances. Simplicity and cleanliness dominates the entire facade of the church. The only ornaments found are the carved greek cross and the consequent archwindows and multilayered rose windows.

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