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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Afrique's: The Italian Way

... the taste that will make you say... "Bene!"

When in Iloilo, a tourist might be given a chance to taste the province's savoury pieces of heaven. The province is noted to have been the origin of some oriental filipino delicacies, which are being sought by millions. In case a tourist might crave for something western, then he must try Afrique's...
An Italian inspired menu will surely liven up everybody's tastebuds. Oriental Supreme Pizza, Sicilian Pasta, Special Pizza... ahhh.. sounds Yummy? well, the taste is even better! these are just few of the restaurants numerous tasty delicacies. A date, family day dining, a birthday treat... every event suits Afrique's restaurant. And every tongue will surely love what's Afrique's can offer.
Afrique has about four branches in the entire city of Iloilo, one is in Jaro, the other is in Smallville in Manduriao, next is in Molo near Hotel del Rio and the last is near Plaza Libertad in the downtown area. Afriques also offers a menu of varied meals and delicacies that will definitely make travelers enjoy a dining experience that is like no other.


Lady Scrapper said...


Hello! I linked your post to my blog >> http://scrapdump.blogspot.com/2009/02/my-valentino.html

How about we exchange links?

Sonia said...

I loved Afriques...it was celebration food/chill-out food/birthday times when I studied there for Med School. :-) love your site...i follow you na. Link me too?