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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Iloilo's Biscocho Haus

A tourist's stay in Iloilo will never be complete if he missed the savoury delights of Biscocho Haus that is one of the most popular bakeshop and pasalubong stores in the entire province. The main branch is located near Jaro Plaza and is known for its delicious 'Biscochos' or toasted bread with milk and sugar. 

Biscocho Haus has been a popular destination for tourists and locals looking for some good snacks and sweets. The enterprise was started on 1975 and soon after, branches began to spread out all over Iloilo where tourists and guests could easily buy some of Biscocho Haus' famous pastries. Biscocho Haus is also known for their butterscotch and piyaya which are also famous Ilonggo delicacies.

Tourists can also buy Biscocho Haus products at the city's major malls like SM City, Robinson's Place and Gaisano. A new branch was also opened in Pavia  where travelers from or going to the New Iloilo Airport can stop over and buy some pastries which they could bring home.

For more information about Biscocho Haus, pls. contact

Biscocho Haus, Main Branch

Lopez Jaena St, Jaro, Iloilo City

(033) 329-0864, (033) 329-0862, (033) 336-4751


Sith Lord said...

Hi there...visiting you here...Hm... wondering what butterscotch's taste is like. :)

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chiqui said...

banaba marbles from bischocho haus. you can never get them anywhere else.

kwangkxz said...

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