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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Capilla de Igbaras: A Remnant of a Glorious Temple

What we have here is a historical religious structure that looks more like a small medieval fortress rather than a chapel built for prayers. Does it remind you of the castles of Northern Europe? Actually the Chapel in Igbaras located just beside the town church is one of the surviving parts of what was once one of the magnificent Spanish Era churches in the province of Iloilo. The original structure was built of yellowish sandstone during the late 19th century but sadly, the temple was ruined in the midst of the 20th century by the 1945 earthquake.
The chapel still stands as one of the extant proofs of Igbaras rich History. The design is simple but the colonial feel is still expressed by its arched portals and windows. It is believed to be the base of the old church's belltower and what is interesring is that it has preserved it's vaulted stone ceiling after all these years.
Igbaras is a rural town located in the Southwestern parts of Iloilo between Miagao and Guimbal which are also noted for their collections of Heritage structures. The Igbaras Chapel truly prooves that wherever a tourist may travel in Iloilo, there is always an interesting place to visit.


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