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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Campo Santo de San Joaquin

I have been there for so many times but I still get caught in awe whenever I would step into the magnificent walls of the San Joaquin Cemetery. Known as the most beautiful Spanish colonial cemetery in Iloilo and in the Philippines, the cemetery is popular for its very intricate chapel which is described to be like a crown sitting on top of a hill at the very center. 

The chapel which is of Baroque architecture that combines Chinese and Spanish Artistry is built of white coral and fossil stones alternating with red bricks. Decorations vary from intricate floral carvings to pointed finials to a simple cemetery emblem, the skull and crossbones. What makes the cemetery more attractive is that the beautiful chapel is approached by a flight of stairs. On the walls before the chapel are niches each carrying statues of Saints, most of which were recently reinstalled.

The San Joaquin Cemetery, along with the San Joaquin Church is known as one of Iloilo's Most important tourist attractions since it plays a great role in literature and history. The Province even cosiders these heritage sites as Historical Gems.

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Catherine said...

This is a beautiful building...