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Friday, April 10, 2009

Baluarte Hill: A place teeming with Hope

As Filipino tradition, Roman Catholics would go to pilgrim sites such as local calvary hills and sacred mountains every Good Friday to pray, ask forgiveness and give thanks to God.  In Iloilo alone there are about more than five pilgrim hills to visit. I went to Baluarte Cross located in one of the hills of Balic in the town of Cabatuan. The Baluarte Cross was established many decades ago as a replica to the more Historical Pamul-ogan hill, also in the same town, that is about three hundred years old.

Every Good Friday, hundreds and possibly almost a thousand people would come to Cabatuan and visit the Cross at Baluarte hill. The Faith of these pilgrims would fill the air with solemnity as those who are asking of a miracle would come to the cross at the peak of the hill and pray to God. 

If it is not Lent Season, some people would just gather to have good picnic at the top of hill, some would simply enjoy the magnificent scenery of the fields, mountains and of the nearby hills as the very shade of trees and the cool breeze refreshes the soul. Baluarte Hill is one of the most interesting places in the province of Iloilo. It is a Religious Tourist Site that is worth visiting for it was indeed built by the people's Faith and Devotion to God, a sign that Jesus Christ towers all over the world and so as in our hearts.

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Catherine said...

The catholic Easter traditions are most inspiring... I have just returned from Antigua, Guatemala...amazing..