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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Miagao Cemetery Capilla

Indeed, Miagao Church is a popular tourist destination in the Province. It is one of the most photographed churches in the country and is one of the World Heritage Sites declared by UNESCO. However, aside from this 17th century church, Miagao also holds another historical treasure, the town's Hispanio-Filipino Cemetery and It's Romanesque Chapel.
This is the only extant chapel in Western Visayas which still sports an 18th century brick dome. Built of baked bricks and yellowish coral stones, the chapel lies quietly on the foot of hill where the Poblacion of Miagao is located. Unlike the town's baroque church, the motiff of this chapel is simplicity, no intricate relief can be found on the facade except for a simple carving of the merged skull and crossbones.There are three entrances with roman arches each topped by circular windows. Ionic pilasters divide the facade into three and baroque finials crown the chapel's eight edges.
Upon aproaching the chapel, one may notice a ruined edifice on the left part of the cemetery. It is obvious that the edifice is a remnant from the 16th-17th century. Until this very day, no one knows what the structure was before it was ruined but it might be a church built before the present fortress church was finished.

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