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Thursday, May 3, 2007

The Iloilo Customs House

When walking around Iloilo's old world district along Calle Real, one might notice a magnificent tower popping out behind the Iloilo Freedom Grandstand. The same scene can be distinguished when one arrives on Iloilo through Iloilo's Domestic Port. That beautiful tower which welcomes the break of the dawn and muses the last peek of the sunset is the tower of Iloilo's Customs house, more commonly known as the Aduana. This Neoclassic structure which looks over the river wharf and the Muelle Loney port, is one of Iloilo's most astonishing icons. Built during the early 1900's it was believed to be deisgned similarly with the old Custom houses of Cebu and Manila.

Aduana seemed to be one of the fewest 18th-19th colonial buildings which still stand intact along the Muelle Loney River Wharf. Though many old world buildings were left abandoned or in ruins, Muelle Loney still proves that history never ceased along its territory. It is still a historic international port like it was back in 1855.

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