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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Valeria Street; Iloilo's Restaurant Avenue

Looking for a good place to eat or celebrate some important occasion? Then Valeria Street in Iloilo City is a perfect destination. Here, tourists and locals can get one of the best Ilonggo cuisines without spending too much. La Sallete Building, in front of SM Delgado is known for its restaurants like Ted's and Nandings both proud of their famed La Paz Batchoy. If Noodles and Soup doesn't fit you, then try Mang Inasal, a famous restaurant for the grilled chicken lovers.
Another breakthrough restaurant located in Valeria Street is Green Mango known for their desserts and a variety of mouth watery delicacies that will surely give you a reason to come back again and again and again.


the donG said...

oh yeah, we ate at ted's in that area last year. i was actually shocked when i saw it that nice now. ive seen it way back in the 80s.

edelweiza said...

cool! love the building, parang sa Paris ang design. simple pero maayos. :)

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tnx a lot!!!

Brisbane Hotels said...

When my friend booked me for a travel at Iloilo, I was very hesitant since I haven't seen any tourist attraction there, even when I browsed the internet but it was a shocked for me when I came there. It's a paradise, the beaches are great, the food was fantastic!

Cheap Tickets said...

I have been to the Philippines and my friends recommend this place. The only place that I know is Boracay but when we tried to visit the place...it was truly amazing. Places are really stunning indeed and the people..very friendly.