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Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Intricate Facade of Miagao Church

What makes Miagao Church Iloilo's most visited historical site?

Undeniably, this sandstone church has the most artistic sculptured facade there is in Iloilo, or perhaps in all of the Philippines. It is a distinct and grand description of what we call Filipino Baroque.
The entire facade that must have been inspired by Churrisguresque Architecture appears more like an intricate Retablo and is overwhelmed with carvings of local botanicals, Rococo curves, and Classical pilasters. These curves generate an eternal movement which further creates an imaginative array of fansy and enchantment. Local botanicals of the tropical archipelago dominate the pediment of the facade. Here, there is an explosion of floral fantasy where San Cristobal, with the Child Jesus on his shoulder holds a coconut tree while being flanked by more tropical plants with some still on intricate vases. All these features and details make the church's facade extraordinary... something very magical...something very unusual.


Anonymous said...

This one looks so extravagant. Are you sure it isn't actually a Cathedral? Churches usually aren't decorated so well!

Iloilo onfoot said...

Thank you. indeed it is very extravagant,
It is not a cathedral. The only cathedral in Iloilo Province is the Cathedral of Jaro. Many churches in the Philippines were intricately built.

Liss said...

Wow you have some great photos and beautiful architecture in you local area. You capture the essence of the place so wonderfully.

the donG said...

the exterior of this church is impressive! by far the best church structure i've seen.