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Friday, March 14, 2008

The Celso Ledesma Mansion

Located in Ortiz St., downtown Iloilo, the Celso Ledesma Ancestral Mansion is one of the most beautiful heritage houses with a preserved elegance that is very appealing to a traveler's eye. It is a Neoclassic structure common in the early 20th century during the border of the late Spanish Colonization and Early American Occupation.
Though Neoclassic architecture is the predominant style that is being encompassed by this mansion, it is noticeable that the gate pillars are conquered by a demanding array of medieval inspired eagles instead of the usual urns or finials that are used as classical ornaments. Almost every part of the mansion is preserved very well that someone may never think that it has been there already for many decades.


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the donG said...

been to Iloilo already but never had the chance to see this house. nice one.

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Anonymous said...

pirme ko di galabay sang una taga-aga, sang sa guimaras pa ko ga obra. te may agila pa da gihapon?

chiqui said...

i hope they don't have that poor lonely eagle in a cage anymore. Kulang gid sa environmental sensitivity ang tag-iya sang balay nga ini.